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qqdl://ZWQyazovL3xmaWxlfCU1QmloYW93YS5jb20lNUQlNUIlRTclOTQlQjclRTUlQUQlQTklRTYlOTElOTglRTglQTYlODEuMiU1RC5Cb3lzLkJyaWVmcy4yLUNkMS5hdml8NDM5OTcxODQwfGY3NGE5NGRhNDQ3OWEwZjA0MDA0NGViZjhkZTgwMTE4fC8= qqdl://ZWQyazovL3xmaWxlfCU1QmloYW93YS5jb20lNUQlNUIlRTclOTQlQjclRTUlQUQlQTklRTYlOTElOTglRTglQTYlODEuMiU1RC5Cb3lzLkJyaWVmcy4yLUNEMi5hdml8NjQ3MTEyNzA0fDAxYzVmZTBlNjJiNzhjNTdjNTRhZjUyMTY2M2MwNmQ2fC8= 中文名: 男孩摘要 2英文名: Boys Briefs 2IMDb: 8.4/10 (1,060 votes)资源格式: DVDRip导演: Barry DignamAntonio Hens(more)演员: Pablo PuyolDanny RobertsIsrael Rodríguez(more)地区: 美国语言: 英语简介: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0366255/实在不知道怎么翻译这个片名,用google随便翻译个中文名.....六部短片的合集,转一篇影评,分别对六部短片作了介绍,这六部短片的信息在Imdb上也能查到英文的发音几部无字幕,非英文发音的内嵌英文字幕个人推荐.引用Reviewer: interested_observer interested_observer (San Francisco, CA USA) - See all my reviews Boys Briefs 2 is a collection of six non-USA gay-oriented short films from 1999-2002. The movies and their framing introductions are much better than in the first Boys Briefs. If one plays all the movies through, they are each given a hotter and less wordy introduction (this time by Danny Roberts of MTV fame) than happened in the first Boys Briefs. One can play each movie separately without any introduction. There are substantial skin scenes in all but Chicken . There are English subt thunder://QUFlZDJrOi8vfGZpbGV8JTVCaWhhb3dhLmNvbSU1RCU1QiVFNyU5NCVCNyVFNSVBRCVBOSVFNiU5MSU5OCVFOCVBNiU4MS4yJTVELkJveXMuQnJpZWZzLjItQ0QyLmF2aXw2NDcxMTI3MDR8MDFjNWZlMGU2MmI3OGM1N2M1NGFmNTIxNjYzYzA2ZDZ8L1pa/ thunder://QUFlZDJrOi8vfGZpbGV8JTVCaWhhb3dhLmNvbSU1RCU1QiVFNyU5NCVCNyVFNSVBRCVBOSVFNiU5MSU5OCVFOCVBNiU4MS4yJTVELkJveXMuQnJpZWZzLjItQ2QxLmF2aXw0Mzk5NzE4NDB8Zjc0YTk0ZGE0NDc5YTBmMDQwMDQ0ZWJmOGRlODAxMTh8L1pa/ itles for the films from Spain and Germany; the rest are in English already.Doors Cut Down ( En Maias Companias ; Antonio Hens; Spain; 17 minutes) shows 18-ish Guillermo as a skilled predator in a the bathroom of a Madrid-area mall. Guillermo casts his net a bit wider and attracts the attention from the police and his parents. Still, things have a way of changing and working out too. This was the most fun feature and had a catchy thematic beat.Chicken (Barry Dignam; Ireland; 3 minutes) shows two guys between the train tracks and the beach trying out each other s courage and affection. Effective for the time spent.Back Room (Guillem Morales; Spain; 13 minutes) is a dark, anonymous place upstairs from a Spanish gay dance club that five major (and several background minor) characters go for quick sex. There s a first-timer, a punk, a hottie, a hunk, and an older man. They go through their motions, but the audience gets to hear their much less mechanical thoughts along the way. I liked the movie maybe too much; I found myself redoing parts and thinking about how to embed it in a longer movie that would show the characters before and after.Breakfast ( Fruestueck ; Alexander Pfeuffer; Germany; 14 minutes) has romantic, Berlin newcomer Boris (Nico Link) trying to keep a hold on impulsive, promiscuous Till (Tobias Schenke). Till s friend, Giselle (Anna Thalbach), offers breakfasts. Can they help? This is a nice, romantic comedy.Touch (Jeremy Podeswa; Canada; 27 minutes) is the most serious and, for me, the most memorable of the six films. A boy is locked in a basement and abused from the time he is eight years old until he is sixteen. When the doors open, the boy is free to leave. Upon leaving a hospital, he is given a name and lives with foster parents. Not given any further treatment, his past continues to drive his future. Brendan Fletcher gives an amazing performance as the sixteen-year old Richard . The grainy photography fits well with the deadened sensibility and the shadowy faces used. Daniel Janke s dissonant music for violin and prepared piano fits perfectly and is performed well by pianist Janke and by violinist Mark Fewer. Five stars out of five.Take-Out (Jean-Francois Monette; Canada; 37 minutes) was sponsored by Quebec and features road signs in French, although the characters all speak English. High school student Rory (Gianpaolo Venuta) delivers chicken dinners for Chalet Bar-B-Q. One day he delivers to Pete (Daniel MacIvor), a lawyer in a big house and with time on his hands. Rory keeps being asked back, and the tips keep getting bigger. Fellow worker Enzo (Benjamin Plener) and Pete s wife(?) Virginia (Kaya McGregor) are starting to ask questions. Rory has wandering eyes in the school shower and is looking at some interesting magazines in the rack. What happens next? This was the most finished looking movie of the lot and had fine acting throughout. There were parts worth reconsidering on repeat viewings.The biggest drawback to the DVD was that there were no director s commentaries to any of the movies. I enjoy commentaries as a way to learn about movie-making and about how other cultures handle matters. Another annoyance was that the first three movies do not show linkages between the actors names and the parts they play; one can try to guess by who appears first or speaks first or is the most important.Still, this is a very enjoyable collection of films from outside the USA. BTW:I m back ed2k://|file|%5Bihaowa.com%5D%5B%E7%94%B7%E5%AD%A9%E6%91%98%E8%A6%81.2%5D.Boys.Briefs.2-Cd1.avi|439971840|f74a94da4479a0f040044ebf8de80118|/ ed2k://|file|%5Bihaowa.com%5D%5B%E7%94%B7%E5%AD%A9%E6%91%98%E8%A6%81.2%5D.Boys.Briefs.2-CD2.avi|647112704|01c5fe0e62b78c57c54af521663c06d6|/
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